Remedial works to existing rainscreen

Internal/external remedial works to existing rainscreen panel system. Including re-design and manufacture of coping assemblies incorporating EPDM barriers. Location: Burley Road, Leeds

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Repair & re-coating of lift doors

Repair and re-coating of lift doors in situ using quick drying acrylic paint spraying technology. We have also undertaken numerous on-site re-coating works to schools, treatment works, pharmaceutical plants and office blocks. Location: Beaufort House, London

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Rain-screen panels with associated flashings

Design, manufacture and installation of our ‘Receptive’ range of rainscreen panels with associated fascia, soffit and column casings (special colour to match sports hall cladding). Location: Calderdale College, Halifax

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Over-cladding using ‘Alucoband’ panels

Over-cladding using ‘Alucoband’ panels to complement existing surrounding buildings. Location: Sub-station, Colnbrook

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Coloured laminated double glazed units

Replacement and update of coloured laminated double glazed units to avoid the recurring risk of thermal fracture. Location: JVC distribution HQ, London

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